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Bring it to life

Idea.  Prototype.  Build.

Our team takes your idea from concept to interactive prototype within 14 days. Whether to help raise investment, showcase your product to users, gain early traction, or simply help your future developers build.

Bring it to life with InnovationX.

How we can help

We make the first step into the unknown a little less scary

You have an idea. It's groundbreaking, thoroughly researched, and you're almost ready to take a running jump into start-up life. However, only you can see it. That's where we step in. Building you a visual prototype to help share your vision with the people that matter.

No messy code. 5% cost of a full app development. Start lean and move fast.

App & Web Prototypes

UI & UX Desgin

Wix & Squarespace Build

Not sure how we can help?

How we work

Our process revolves around understanding what's inside your head

"Simple design approach that focused on achieving our KPIs and ensured all milestones were transparent and delivered within time."

--  Indy Khaira Founder of Accio


Intro & Research

Project scope and outlining your key goals. Includes design research, competition analysis, and product discussion.

Develop your USP


Initial sketches, basic wireframes, and then prototype using Adobe XD and Photoshop. We give you clear 48 Hour updates.

Test & Deliver

After each scheduled update we push "live" to Marvel or Figma. Allows you to test, give feedback, and offer small iterations.

Latest UI & UX trends

Deadline Focused

What we've done

From social commerce and fintech to saas products and travel budgeting



Social Travel Platform and UGC Marketplace

Completion Time: 18 Days




Community Reward Platform and Analytics App

Completion Time: 21 Days


Drone Delivery and Order Fulfilment Platform

Completion Time: 12 Days

Learn more

Learn more

UI & UX Design

Design Research      Wireframes      App Prototypes       Web Prototypes      Concept Images      UX Consultancy 

Wix, Squarespace & Shopify 

  • Wix Site & Setup

  • Squarespace Site & Setup

  • Shopify Site & Setup

  • SEO & Maintenance

  • Paypal & Stripe Integration

  • Analytics Reports

Social Media & Content

  • Account Setup

  • Content Design

  • Content Scheduling

  • Blog Writing

  • Instagram Story Templates