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3D Renders

I am looking to create an initial set of rendered product images for my companies new launch range of socks. In the future we would also like help with social content and hero headers. The purpose of this brief is to help you (the creator) have some visibility on what we need. We can supply detailed photos of our socks, or we can send you a pair to help with the modelling and rendering.


We want to keep the content simple, clean, and commerce focused initially. We're taking a mobile first approach.

Phase 1

1  x  3D Modelled and Rendered socks in primary static position

4  x  Different camera angles of the initial modelled socks (2 standard & 2 close up)

2  x  Separate renders of the left sock and right sock (Transparent Background)

Phase 2

1  x  Hero Header Lifestyle Image

5  x  Social Media with added effects (smoke, rain, lifestyle etc)


Our initial goal is to create commerce focused product images. Renders with high level of detail, photo-realistic, with off-white background is the simplest way to showcase the product in a way consumers are used to shopping. We will be taking individual lifestyle (real world) product photos ourselves to be cost-efficient.

Floating Product

We want the socks to 'float' off the ground. We can test a soft shadow under the sock.

Mimic Photography

We want the renders to be photo-realistic. Ideally look a bit like they have been photographed.

Fluid or In-Action

Our competition uses plastic moulded feet shape in their photographs, we don't want this. 

Apex Product Page

The sock renders you make will be used on our product page as you see below (and in other places on our site). We're looking for a high quality 3D model, and a pixel resolution of around 2160p to ensure they look good on desktop and mobile.

Screenshot 2021-04-23 202347.png

This is where your sock render will go on our product page

Apex Sox.png

(The socks you see in these images are an example of a competitor)

Content - Phase 1

1  x  3D Rendered Socks in primary position

A single image that is used as the primary position for the various camera angles needed, as well as the individual renders for each sock. The ideal position is similar to the blue image below, but with the socks tilted towards the camera. (We can clarify the final positioning together). We want the background to be either transparent or a plain #FFFFFF (and not blue).

Screenshot 2021-04-17 132341.png

The socks are "floating". You can also see the whole of each sock.

4  x  Different Camera Angles

4 or more camera angles based off the rendered socks. 2 of these will be shots of the whole socks, either from behind, below, or the side. Then 2 images that are more close up images of the heel, logo, or underside.

Trial 12.jpg
Trial 11.jpg

These are examples of close up shots that we took. The 3D renders don't need to be exactly the same.

2  x  Separate Renders of the left sock and right sock

A single render of the left sock, and a single render of the right sock (based on the original render) with a transparent background. This will allow me to manipulate some shots myself, create some basic social content to begin with.

Screenshot 2021-04-17 132421.png
Screenshot 2021-04-17 132659.png

These socks are from a competitor. They have taken 2 separate renders of individual socks and put them together.

Content - Phase 2

1  x  Static Hero Header lifestyle image

A static image based off the original render (from a particular camera angle). This image will have some effects or edits, as part of a lifestyle or hero shot. We need one for desktop and for mobile (using the same hero image).

Nike Mercurial.png

5  x  Social Media Images/GIFs/Video Edits

Social media images (or product images) that use our initial rendered image, but with lifestyle/football related backgrounds. We'd like a mixture of static content (like the first 2 images below) as well as editing any of our video we capture and adding animations or effects. Again a lot of creative license here.

Mercurial Lifestyle I.png
Nike Mercurial SocialMedia Image.jpg
Nike Insta 6.png
Nike Insta.png
Sock Position.png

Experimenting with angles and positioning of the primary render

Nike Dreamspeed Close Ip.jfif