Connect, Convert and Reward your online community.

Impulse combines the power of social interaction and intelligent tools to connect, convert, and reward our stores online community, improving the shoppers’ brand engagement and experience.

We achieve this by working directly with stores to on-board potential customers and convert the brands social-media engagement into transactions across our standalone social platform, Impulse, via intelligent commerce tools.




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Executive Summary

What is Impulse?

Impulse is a social shopping platform that helps shoppers discover, share, and buy the latest fashion and lifestyle products from stores worldwide. Impulse uses the power of social interaction and intelligent tools to connect, convert, and reward our stores’ online communities, improving the shoppers’ brand engagement and experience. We achieve this by working directly with stores to on-board potential customers and convert their social-media engagement into transactions across Impulse, via our unique and intelligent commerce tools - flash sales, giveaways, feedback, pre-order collections, and product videos.

We're revolutionising the social commerce market, by being the first to seamlessly aggregate all sales analytics and engagement data from the standalone Impulse platform and key external integrated API's (Instagram, Shopify), alongside an advanced checkout system, all without our Stores having to change or edit any source code. We are ultra-streamlined compared to market competitors: it takes less clicks for our users to buy and, subsequently, less clicks for Stores to find real-time analytical data.


Impulse was founded as a vehicle to give the founding team time to create, work, travel and live life on their terms. This ethos is interwoven into our core belief - to give the people brave enough to run their own show, launch their own brands, and build innovative products all the tools available to create their own version of freedom everyday.


Commerce Tools

5 unique commerce tools built into the social platform that boost engagement, increase store sales, and showcase real-time analytics.

Revenue With 0 Users

Turn platform revenue without registered users via a smart commission and subscription model. Our tools are "open" allowing non Impulse users to access posts, purchase products, and engage with our stores

Influencer Stores

By using our tools our Stores promote and push their social followers and customers into Impulse users. In the Stores best interest to promote these tools making them more impactful, increasing transactions and engagement.


Launched Platform

We have built a fully functioning social commerce web platform with a bespoke integrated Stripe Connect API and Messenger API. We currently showcase 5.5K Curated Products from over 500 featured Stores worldwide.


We received 2100 Early Access requests from Users, and 450 requests from Small to Medium Stores. From this we invited 400 Users and 20 Stores to test the platform to date.


We're supported by the leading social media powered brand in the world. We work alongside Gymshark on their internal Incubator, sharing insights directly with their Social Media and Analytics teams.


As Gymshark research a global expansion into 3rd party sales channels, they are aiding us in developing Impulse to potentially provide a vital alternative sales tool and community engagement service in the near future. (KPI and Transaction Dependent).


Jamie Evans - Founder

Founder of The Pro Boot Room. University business with niche 10K social following, £30K turnover at 300-500% ROI selling direct through Twitter.

Gareth Evans - Co-Founder

Founder of Digestible Notes. Collated university notes marketplace with 33K monthly unique hits. 900% growth in 2018. Rejected both Oxford and Cambridge University.

Letters of Intent & Early Access Stp

Over the last 2 years we have built an on-going rapport with over 75 Stores. Through featuring products, blog posts and social media content, we have currently secured 15 Early Access Stores from Clients open to testing the app when we launch.


Alongside this Gymshark have signed a Letter of Intent to test Impulse and access their 7m social followers once we meet key KPI's.

Brand Identity & Engagement

Impulse has a very strong brand identity, with a focus on innovative products and aesthetic content. Across our blog, social media, platform and email updates we are dedicated to producing engaging and aligned content.


On Instagram we run a 3.8% engagement (just short of the market leading 4%) from 1900+ followers, without running any paid ads or boosted content.


Elfried Samba - Head of Digital Community @ Gymshark

Grown Gymshark social media accounts to over 7 Million combined followers. Maintains 4% Engagement across all platforms. Community driven vision. 

Andy Honess - JumpXL Founder & Business Mentor

Held UK and international senior sales and Managing Director positions in the enterprise software space, including IBM and Siebel Systems and helped take QLIK from start-up to a NASDAQ IPO for $749m in 2010.

Revenue Model & Projections

10% Commission on sales directly through Impulse checkout.

£1/Day Subscription to access commerce tools and advanced features.

(Tiered Advertising system to promote on Home Feed)






Transactions at £4.20 Avg Commission

Verified Stores at £30 & £90 per month plan

Total Revenue from 2019 - 2022

Funding Needs

We are seeking £300K for 15% equity in the company to fund 2 Years post launch. With funding we will complete Impulse app development, rapidly scale up the platform user base and store clients, and lay the foundations for true Product-Market Fit.


Years One & Two


£80K     Technical Co-Founder & 2 Years Salary  |  Build App. Test and Iterate Platform. Technical lead. 

£75K     Marketing Budget  |  500,000 Users @ 10p CPA and 2500 Stores @ £5 CPA. Influencers, PR & Events.


£50K     Founders Salary  |  £25K Each to cover 2 Years funding cycle.

£10K     Servers & Maintenance  |  Cover AWS Servers. Ensure Platform can efficiently and securely scale.

£8K        Fees  |  Legal. Accounting. Tax. 1 Outstanding Invoice.

£7K        Co-Work Space, Tools & Services  |  Social Media Tools, Marketing Suites, and Project Management (Slack).

£3K        Travel & Networking  |  Trains, Petrol or Networking Tickets.

Year Two (Progress Dependent)


£30K       Full Stack Developer  |  Ensure App and Web Platform Development is completed.

£30K       Marketing Lead  |  SAAS Sales and Social Media Growth.

Total: £293K

Company Overview.

The company was officially founded 30th June 2017 under Companies House: We Are Impulse Ltd – Company Number 10845149.


Currently 100% equity is owned by the Founders with all finance being secured internally via Virgin Start-Up Loan, EU Proof of Concept Grants, and simultaneously running side businesses to manage the company runway.

The Story.

Impulse was created as a concept in May 2015.


The idea was built from the lessons learned in a University start-up, The Pro Boot Room, which tested the waters for social commerce and selling on social media. From 2011-2013 we sold sports memorabilia directly through Twitter, where social media followers were targeted (Age 25-35 & Disposable Income & Football Fan) with nostalgic video and product image content turning over £30K at a 300-500% ROI on each piece sold. However, even back then it was still a relative nightmare to consistently run giveaways, flash sales, and connect with an audience daily, and thus probably subconsciously sowed the early seeds for our recent pivot.

After University I moved to Australia in July 2013 - Dec 2015 to live, travel and play professional rugby. Whilst travelling New York, South Africa, East Coast of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Dubai - all on the profits of The Pro Boot Room - I was documenting my personal travels through a Tumblr page ( where I collected trips, photographs, and images that depicted the lifestyle that I was trying to create and live. Having witnessed buying patterns on Twitter and eBay, and seeing a gap in the market for social blogging to power e-commerce; the idea of being able to collect and curate your dream lifestyle on a single platform and be able to buy whatever you needed to within seconds was formed.

Having turned down a further professional contract due to injury and the imminent concept of Impulse, I returned to the UK in Jan 2016 to begin pitching the company. Numerous rejections followed, until March where we managed to secure a £60K Angel Investment. Elation turned quickly to deflation, as we had to reject funding due misalignment on platform goals, and instead retain full equity to set about funding and building Impulse ourselves.


It wasn't until November 2016 when we secured a Virgin Start-Up Business Loan that we were able to begin platform development. At this point Gareth, having graduated was brought on as a Co-Founder. We outsourced to a London/Serbian team, with a portfolio including Nissan, NHS, and Sportslobster. We began development in March 2017 with a July end date. Unfortunately we experienced 4 month delays and had to negotiate with Eton Digital to complete the work on our original contract. We succeeded and they completed the necessary extra £25K worth of work to finish Impulse without us paying. 


To cover the delays during development we also worked to secure a European funded Proof of Concept grant in Oct 2017. This cut our remaining development fees by 50% and further extended our runway. Platform development finished in Dec 2017, which allowed us to quickly move to Alpha and test the platform with our small 400 selected users and stores in February 2018. In April 2018 Gareth was offered two unconditional places at Oxford and Cambridge University to study Law & Finance, choosing to reject these places to pursue our recent pivot to add a set of unique commerce tools to Impulse, a move recently backed in Oct 2018 by Gymshark.

As Co-Founders and brothers we have overcome numerous obstacles and solved every problem put in our path to date. We've worked tirelessly to ensure we have done whatever it took to push Impulse forward, and will continue to do so over the coming years.


May 2015

Concept created and 6 Months of Surveys & Design

December 2015

Return to UK to launch Impulse

March 2016

Raise & Reject £60k Angel Investment

November 2016

Secure £25k Virgin Start-Up Funding. Backed by F+F Loan.

Didn't align on Platform Development Goals

February 2018

Alpha Launch, Testing, and Feedback

December 2017

Finish Platform Development

May 2017

Secure EU Funded Proof of Concept Grant

Cut Development Costs by 50%

March 2017

Begin Building Full Web Platform

Outsourced: Eton Digital Ltd

June 2018

Platform Update & Internal Pivot towards Commerce Tools

October 2018

Gymshark Partnership

November 2018

Beta Launched & Traction Building

February 2019

Secure Gymshark Letter of Intent


Launched Web Platform

We have built a fully functioning social commerce platform with a bespoke integrated Stripe Connect API and Messenger API. We currently showcase 5.5K Curated Products from over 500 featured Stores worldwide. We received 2100 Early Access requests from Users, and 450 requests from Small to Medium Stores. From this we invited 400 Users and 20 Stores to test the platform to date. We haven't undertaken any widespread external marketing, instead we've built a small community network via direct email to properly test the platform, give us feedback (over 300 separate emails and social media comments), complete 30+ Influencer and store interviews, and collate an Influencer network of potentially over 2 Million Social Followers, to launch our app to in late 2019.

Supported By Gymshark

We're supported by the leading social media powered brand in the world, named the UK's fastest growing company in 2016. We work alongside Gymshark on their internal Incubator, sharing insights directly with their Social Media and Analytics teams. Key members of their social team have been helping concept bespoke commerce tools purpose built for Gymshark, to fulfil their envisaged social commerce needs over the next 2 years. As Gymshark research a global expansion into 3rd party sales channels, they are aiding us in developing Impulse to potentially provide a vital alternative sales tool and community engagement service in the near future. (KPI and Transaction Dependent). Gymshark are closely aligned to one of our closest competitors, Instagram, however it is extremely telling that they don't actively use Instagrams commerce tools, and are actively looking to diversify their community channels on separate platforms. Instead they are working with us to crate solutions that companies like Instagram are unwilling or unable to currently achieve.

Letters of Intent

Over the last 2 years we have built an on-going rapport with over 75 Stores. Through featuring products, blog posts and social media content, we have currently secured a small batch of 15 Early Access Stores (with an aim of 50 by app launch) open to testing the app when we launch. These early Stores not only give us potential recurring revenue from the moment the app launches but also engage a combined social media following in excess of 225,000 people, offering us a great foundation to access these followers and convert them as early Impulse users.


Alongside this Gymshark have signed a Letter of Intent to test Impulse and access their 7m social followers once we meet key KPI's. These KPI's request an Active User Base of 250,000 and a total of 25,000 confirmed Transactions through the platform. They will then test our commerce tools and begin on-boarding part of their community to offer a different interaction platform to their social followers.

Brand Identity & Engagement

Impulse has a strong brand identity, with a focus on innovative products and aesthetic content. Across our blog, social media, platform and email updates we are dedicated to producing engaging and aligned content, that fits our mission to give smaller online brands the exposure and engagement needed to grow consistently. On Instagram we run an average 3.8% engagement (just short of the market leading 4%) from 1800+ followers, without running any paid ads or boosted content. 

100% Equity

As Founders we currently retain 100% equity in the company. We have developed and launched a web platform, opened the Gymshark partnership, secured business finance, built a small network of key advisers, and put Impulse in a position to advance to the next stage without giving away any equity or completely depleting the company runway. Having to reject the early stage £60k Angel Investment reinforced to us that retaining company equity allowed us to maintain our company vision, but also put us in a stronger position to on-board external investment incredibly quickly when needed.


Over the last 18 months we have gathered questionnaires, email responses and platform feedback from hundreds of potential users, Influencers and stores. Our aim was to uncover the major pain points our target market experiences on a day to day basis when selling and shopping online. We found that the very livelihood of small to medium stores, and their owners, depends on consistent sales, something made increasingly more difficult by the current social platforms available.

No social platform dedicated to shopping and engagement.

Shopping online is a scattered and over-complicated experience. Currently shoppers have to jump across multiple sites, collating prices, deals and new products, all whist simultaneously checking social channels like Instagram to stay up to date with their favourite stores.

There isn’t a dedicated platform solely aiming to collate and simplify online shopping, driven by a community of users, which not only helps shoppers discover, connect and buy, but also gives Stores a social space to communicate, reward and sell directly to their online communities. 

Social platforms create an unfair playing field for smaller stores.

It is expensive and time-consuming for stores to reach the bulk of their target audience on a day to day basis. A mixture of saturated social platforms and consistent payment needed to boost posts or promote products to access the eyes of their online community has led to a distinct gap between the elite stores that sell heavily via social media and the mid/smaller tier stores that cannot pay to compete.

Recent algorithm changes (since 2016) have also led to a plethora of stores and influencers further unable to target and engage their following (only 7% of content reaches their followers), in turn stalling growth, hurting transactions and reducing collaboration opportunities.

No way to engage with 100% of online community daily.

Currently the only way for Stores to maintain and connect with their customer base is through the aforementioned saturated and unreliable social platforms. Huge amount of space is taken up by paid and promoted content meaning followers have to scroll through thousands of ‘managed’ posts to reach the content that isn’t pushed by algorithms. 

Alongside the difficulties with maintaining consistent email open rates, Stores have no clear and obvious way to reach all of their audience on a daily basis to communicate and reward through new updates, feedback, sales and customer interaction. Replicating that ‘in person’ feeling you get in brick & mortar stores and at pop up events is non-existent online, leading to a commercially dangerous disconnect between shoppers and their need for access to their favourite products and brands. With sales being largely community driven now, the future of social media based commerce is through building close relationships with shoppers that have been primed to buy by daily conversation.

Stores lose money not converting social media followers into cash.

Social media followers are becoming incredibly difficult and expensive to convert into direct transactions. With the lack of close community participation and saturated home feeds followers are less inclined to follow up on a social media post and actually make the effort to buy a product. As the customer-store disconnect widens, there needs to be a medium like Impulse to bridge this gap.

Combine this disconnect with a general poor commerce UX, long loading times, and hard to navigate checkouts the transaction rate to social media following ratio will remain low. Often social followings need to be prompted into engagement, especially when stores are promoting pre-orders, sales or new releases. The current commerce features available on social platform barely offer any range of flexibility to target and convert dormant online communities into sales.  


Having collated hundreds of feedback emails and responses, we set about designing and developing a social platform equipped with a set of features and commerce tools purpose built to dominate the social commerce market. Alongside our incubator partnership with Gymshark and over 80 interviews with our Stores, a simple, fast-paced, community focused platform was created. 

Every store, product, update, and sale on one app.

A social shopping platform that allows users to follow their favourite Stores, Influencers and friends, collect and curate their favourite products, get rewarded by being an active member of their stores social community, whilst being able to buy every single image (product) on Impulse. Providing a convenience service for our users means they can keep returning to Impulse to keep up to date on their whole shopping world from a single app.

Unlike our competitors we haven’t created a social platform and glued on buy buttons and random commerce features. Impulse is purposefully created to promote social sharing, diverse shopping via simple features (Store to Follow. Trending Products. Recommended Content. Scrolling Headers), and provide efficient checkouts powered and secured by our unique Stripe Connect API - purpose built to integrate checkout payment, order fulfilment, and transaction tracking, seamlessly select the correct data from the Impulse platform, and communicating this directly to our Sonata Admin, whilst simultaneously splitting payment fees and showcasing the aggregated data on the Connect API analytics page.

Chronological posts and real-time analytics.

A chronological social space that helps Stores reach their whole audience without having to pay to boost uploads. Our focus on providing an accessible service that ensures a Store’s online community sees every single upload is vital.


Instead of having feeds saturated with promoted or boosted content, every product falls in the order it was uploaded, allowing Stores to pinpoint key upload times, in turn giving their followers every opportunity to stay up to date with every flash sale, giveaway and new release. Compared to Instagram's "Selective" algorithms, our chronological solution is especially important because it offers our Stores real-time analytical data on a minute by minute basis as every user has access to the tool posts as they go live. This real-time feedback allows our Stores to make constant iterations to their online selling techniques, in turn increasing sales, and keeping them returning to Impulse.

Engaging customer touch points.

A set of commerce tools built to allow stores to connect, convert and reward their online social community. Our aim is to make every shopper feel like a VIP insider and a valuable decision maker within any Store or brand community. We achieve this by increasing the number of touch points between customer and store – increasing shopper participation through feedback polls, questionnaires, and giveaways – all clearly signposted on a user’s home feed and prompted via Opt-In Notifications so nothing truly important ever gets missed.

Currently shoppers engage with brands by only "Liking" or "Commenting" content, on Impulse we take community engagement to the next level. Our solution increases engagement, boosts repeat customers, and converts recurring transactions.

Smart tools purpose built to convert followers.

To bridge the gap between social media content and successful checkouts, Impulse will on-board users and convert a Store’s existing social media followings into transactions and engagement via Flash Sales, Pre-Orders, and tagged videos all through a secure and efficient Stripe powered checkout system based internally on the Impulse platform. We’re offering a set of tools that allow Stores to run time sensitive sales (without having to change source website code), and collect pre-order emails and secure early sales without the Store needing Impulse followers or us needing to rely on thousands of users on the platform.


Key Features & USPs

How Impulse Works?

Currently: Impulse is a website that allows shoppers to follow all their favourite stores on a single chronological feed, scroll through the latest products posted, and save the products they love in personal collections.

Every single product on the platform has a buy button. Each image is a product with a direct link, that allows shoppers to quickly move from scrolling on Impulse to product checkout. Furthermore, Impulse isn't just about fashion - instead we collate a diverse range of curated products from tech, homewares, accessories, books, travel, outdoors, office, gifts and beyond and showcase these categories on our Explore page alongside our 24 Hour Trending and Recommended sections.

Pivot: Impulse will be an app and web platform that rewards shoppers for being a close community member of the stores they follow.
Shoppers will be able to -
alongside current platform functionality mentioned above - give feedback in Polls and take part in store led Q&A sessions, buy from percentage cut Flash Sales, Pre-Order new product ranges, keep up to date with all the latest Video content, and win prizes in internal Giveaways.

Impulse will help Stores connect, reward and convert their current online social communities. Stores will upload daily standard posts (products) like on Instagram to their followers, however with the unique addition of posting using a set of commerce tools that will help store owners to get direct feedback, help build and reward close relationships, and boost transactions.


Commerce Tools

We've designed and iterated 5 innovative social commerce tools that will be bolted on to the current platform to uniquely provide a service for Stores to convert their social following into transactions. Alongside Gymshark's social media and insights team, these tools have been built to turn Impulse into a community commerce platform, dedicated to help stores gain an advantage in a saturated online social space by rewarding their followers and customers for supporting their vision.

The tools are simple and yet innovative. Designed to be accessible to our users, but also advanced enough that our competitors would find it difficult to replicate in such a short space of time, or at all on a full scale social platform. Our aim is to move Impulse into our distinct space, a platform dedicated to customer relationships and improving brand engagement.

Turn Revenue With 0 Users

For standard social platforms to offer enough value to turn consistent revenue, often at least hundreds of thousands of users are needed to offer enough impressions, eyeballs and screen time to make the adverts and promoted posts valuable enough to pay for.

Impulse however, will be able to turn revenue directly through our commerce tools without having any users signed up to the platform. Posts made using our tools are shareable across other social platforms, meaning anyone online will be able to access the Impulse link, open up a web/mobile page of the platform and buy a product.

We want our tools to be a "open" portal system that allows Stores to convert social followers into transactions seamlessly and securely without intrusively forcing shoppers to join Impulse.

Stores Are Our Influencers

We're in a unique position where the Stores paying to access our commerce tools on the platform, also have direct access to the customers and social media followers we are looking to on-board to Impulse as daily active users. In essence whenever a Store shares an Impulse tool post to external social media channels, this is a virtual validation from the Store to it's trusting and committed followers to interact and sign up to Impulse.

It is also in the Store's best interest to promote the Impulse tools they use to their social community, boosting engagement and transactions, whilst simultaneously acting as a vital and viral marketing channel. In a similar way to how Discord (Gaming Chat & Community Platform) used key YouTuber's to on-board their subscribers to the Discord platform, in the knowledge the YouTuber's best interests lay in creating a separate community to sell merchandise and connect with their fans online.

The Tools.

Intelligent tools purpose built to revolutionise how Stores engage and sell to your online community. We enable them to run flash sales, prize giveaways, collect feedback and connect with their followers without changing a single line of code or planning online events weeks in advance.


Get Stores a little closer to their followers and truly understand what they want from their brand.


We wake a Stores dormant social following and convert those Instagram likes into hard earned cash.


Giving back to followers is a sure fire winner to building a thriving community. Turn followers into long term fans.

Flash Sales.

Reward your followers seamlessly.

Reward a Store's online community with short term, viral and seamless flash sales without having to change the source code on your home website. Set the time frame, % reduction, quantity available and then share across social media.


The community can access the sale and complete the checkout, allowing Store's to track sales on Impulse and fulfil orders exported directly to their Shopify account. 

1, 12 or 24 Hour Tracked Sales


Turn your community into decision makers.

Often feedback is wrapped up in emails and long winded social media exchanges, leading to a disconnect between a store and their customers. Our internal tool uses feedback polls, Q&A sessions, or Questionnaires that give a store's community real time interactions with their favourite brands and be able to impact the direction of the store on a daily basis.

Daily Real Time Opinions


Showcase new goods and track early sales.

Collect email addresses and early pre-order sales before launching a new product; all emails are collated on an internal Impulse dashboard and exported to Mailchimp.

Store followers can input an email address and be notified when the new range launches, or pre-order the product and save a % on price because they follow the store and got in early. Stores can peak early interest and turn revenue where not previously feasible.

Collect Emails and Secure Potential Customers 

Video Tags.

Real time shopping through tagged videos.

Video is the future of personalised content on social media. The chance to tell your story, showcase events, produce "how to" content on their products and personally update a community is vital to success.

Upload short videos and then "tag" these videos with products at time stamps across the video. These then appear as a live feed on the post and allow a Store's community to shop interactively as the video plays.

How To Videos & Event Updates


Giveback to turn followers into fans.

Give back to your online community and reward them for their support as customers by running giveaways. Free stuff is a viral driver of engagement and new User Generated Content, and often difficult to run fairly and without bias especially when choosing winners at "random".

Users input an email and name to enter and get a unique ID. All entrants are notified on Impulse and by email, and collated onto your Dashboard. The stores are able to randomly "Pick Winner" and the platform will select winner(s) from the pool of entrants.

Viral Rewards

Market Analysis.

There is good reason major platforms have been trying to access the social shopping and social commerce market for the last 3-5 years. The potential of harnessing the viral power of social sharing combined with secure and fast commerce features is alluring and obvious. Frame this alongside the booming social media advertising market, a clear push away from brick & mortar stores, and increasing daily mobile shoppers worldwide, it presents a market that is still in its early stages of becoming a mainstream part of people’s shopping habits, and yet simultaneously on the cusp of altering the whole commerce sector for good.

Market Scale.


Social Commerce Revenue

93% Year on Year Growth

Source: Booz & Co (2015)


Small & Medium E-Com Annual Sales

22% Year on Year Growth

Source: Statista (2017)


Average Social Media Order

High: Insta = $66  Low: Twitter = $45

Source: Statista (2017)

Addressable Market.


Shopify Stores

Our Target Share is 1% (6K)

Source: Shopify (2019)


16-24 UK Online Shoppers

Bought 11 Times Online (Past 3 Months)

Source: Office For National Statistics (2017)


Customer Service > Price

Community & Digital WOM

Source: Guardian (2017)

Opportunity Available. 

More Power to Smaller Stores

"Smaller" size stores (Alexa Ranking 500K to 1M) with mean revenues from $50,000 - $1,500,000 make up 48% of the e-commerce stores currently operating online, a number that is growing every year as e-commerce becomes simpler and more cost efficient. All these stores are fighting for a small advantage on overly saturated social platforms that are not dedicated to shopping, and predominately cater for the 1% largest elite brands and stores in the world. Instagram and Facebook want to please this 1% directly because that is where peak revenue lies for them; therefore leaving a huge under-appreciated market that we are tapping into. As algorithms make it more difficult for up and coming brands to converse and sell to their own followers,  we're looking to offer a separate space to allow them to connect with their audience daily and grow sales consistently.

Be The Customer Relationship Platform

Currently our pivot towards offering a combined social shopping platform and set of intelligent commerce tools pushes away from competition to our own unique space. The opportunity to be a platform dedicated to building customer relationships and brand engagement, will not be easily followed by any competitors, and more importantly allows us to be used alongside a Stores choice of social platforms. Our aim is to offer the small 10% advantage that Stores search for everyday, using Impulse in conjunction with current socil platforms, to provide an essential service targeted towards relationship and retention.

Build New Tech to Make Mobile Commerce Seamless

Mobile shopping technology has hindered the progress of social shopping. Our chance to design and build simple solutions on a standalone social platform, without having to put at risk our current back end technology and wider reputation, allows us to quickly process new technological quips that will be at the forefront of how stores and shoppers interact online. We're in a unique position to tailor Impulse quickly to the needs of of users, whether that be exploring video commerce further, live-stream shopping, adding events, ticketing or trip based content, or create our own proprietary features in payment processing, real time analytics and product recommendation.

10,000 Stores @ 25,000 Average Social Followers

The huge range of stores worldwide with strong social media followings and engaged communities is growing everyday. Even smaller stores turning sub £100k revenue have dedicated customers (15K-50K social followers) looking to stay updated, that aren't being satisfied by email content and having to interact with paid content.

The opportunity to become a platform purpose built for these smaller stores that are too big for Etsy, but cannot compete with the 1% market leaders gives Impulse an under-serviced pool of potential users to narrow down and target.

Access Mobile Dependent Gen Z

Our long term vision is for Impulse to be a complete lifestyle creation platform for the next generation of shoppers and social media users. As Gen Z (13-20) have grown up mobile dependent, it's a great opportunity for Impulse to be targeted at this age group over the next 5 years. Engaged on mobile, socially active, and at the cutting age of being up to date on technology, it is imperative we create Impulse to be future proof and fill the demands of the next generation. We have purpose built our tools and features for mobile, to help this group of mobile shoppers be the leaders in making the jump between social and commerce.

Redefine Influencer Collaboration

Part of a stores social media stack should include targeted and engaging Influencer collaboration. Traditionally Influencer collabs are paid up front and success is only hopefully returned via increased engagement and transactions if the Influencer works to boost the post. Stores often have to take reasonable risks for potentially little rewards, especially as it is harder to accurately tell, with the advent of fake followers and engagement, the good Influencers from who is not.

Our Influencer tool has flipped the model, and actively lets Stores control the collaboration engagement. Stores are able to request collaboration posts with Influencers on Impulse (who best suit their target market and needs) - meaning Influencers are not able to inundate Stores with collab requests. Influencers are then only paid depending on the success of the collaboration by taking a commission % of sales made from their post. This encourages active promotion from the Influencer and means the Store will always receive a positive outcome from the collaboration, whether through increased sales, or wider brand engagement without the risk of paying upfront. Simply, the more sales the Influencers can drive the more money they will make; even if they drive 0 sales, the store hasn't lost money, dramatically increasing store satisfaction, vital for a platform like Impulse.

Customer Analysis.

Impulse provides a combined service to two distinct target customers – Shoppers & Stores.

On the one hand we offer users and shoppers a place to shop or curate products and the buy on the spot. We’re targeting traditional e-commerce users that are also clearly open to a new social space to explore and shop. 

On the other hand we offer Stores (and to a lesser extent Influencers) an experimental space to diversify income and grow their online communities. A less traditional evolution of social commerce, but one that allows us to target two large markets, with a distinct and clear vision of the user base that will help the platform thrive.


Curator or Collector

Age - 18-25

Pinterest or Tumblr - Preference for scrolling through or exploring external content not generated by themselves. Deemed arty or creative. Often introverted and happy to spend time on their own. 

University Student - Time available to engage in social media. Educated and socially active. Potential to provide a platform to share Impulse amongst friendship groups. Disposable cash but not looking to buy. Fashion and culturally responsive.

Traveller - Craves freedom and new experiences. Open to collect ideas and memories. Enjoys planning and researching diverse trips.

Buyer or Shopper

Age - 15-21

Instagram  or ASOS - Mobile heavy social media users. Enjoy scrolling and creating their own generate content. Crave acceptance and actively take part in cultural change. 

University or College Student - Time available to engage in social media. Educated and socially active. Potential to provide a platform to share Impulse amongst friendship groups. Disposable cash. Fashion and culturally responsive.   

Disposable Cash - Have an external income to supplement their lifestyle. Young professionals or students looking to spend the excess money they make or get from maintenance loans. Seek new ways to make life feel fast outside work hours. 

Online Store

Age - 23-35 - Left jobs to pursue their own passions and interest. Young businesses within 5 years of start. Choose their own income and time over a job.

Strong Social Engagement - Obvious positive metrics. Comments and consistent growth patterns. Strong click through rates. Well-designed home website. Secure payment and shipping track record.  

Lifestyle Imagery - Curated product images with a focus on social media or lifestyle background. Understand placing the product in a ‘real’ setting increases engagement rates.    

Close Community - Community participation and high quality content. Go out of their way to engage and give back. Comment responses and blog content. 

Risk Taker - Willing to try new platforms or marketing channel to extend growth, transactions and community reach. Open minded and dedicated to making their brand work.     


Curator or Collector

Beautiful Imagery - Enjoy and seek aesthetically pleasing content. UX and ease of scrolling. 
Diverse Products - Want more than just fashion. Need original products and diverse shopping potential. 
Community Interaction - Want to be a close part of their favourite Stores' decision making. 
Not Here To Buy - Don’t have to buy stuff to enjoy shopping. Browsing, collecting and dreaming up their life.

Buyer or Shopper

Fast & Secure Shopping - Want shopping at their fingertips. Addictive and time filling experience. 
Favourite Stores - Convenience of all their stores on one app. Saves hopping around. 
Giveaways & Prices - Look for cheap deals and free stuff. Need to feel like it’s quick, fun and saves money. 
Quick Shipping - ASOS esque shipping needs. Often buy multiple and return. Customer Service #1.

Online Store

Sales = Livelihood - Need consistent transactions. We offer a new income channel.  
Quality Products - Strive for best service possible. Innovative features/design to match their product. 
Close Relationships - Customer interaction is king. Repeat sales to their community leaders. 
10% Advantage - Any advantage is vital. If it’s free and takes minimal effort = secure Impulse user.

Competition Analysis.

Impulse is entering a highly competitive social media and commerce market. Thousands of stores and brands are vying for space on a range of social platforms, to best find a way to engage their audience and convert transactions. In saying that, there is still no clear and direct competition creating the same community interaction based service we are setting out with Impulse. Our competitive aim is to be part of a user's and store's social media stack. We're not here to bullishly knock anyone out, but instead provide a valuable service in our own unique space to the stores and shoppers not being taken care of by our wider competition.



The closest "direct" competitor to Impulse is Instagram. Even though flagged as a photo sharing app, their recent glance into buy buttons and collections indicates an interest in the social commerce market. Impulse therefore needs to provide an alternative set of tools and features that Instagram will not be willing to copy, at risk of damaging profits and their shareholders.

Strengths: Large user base already in place. Huge work force to build and iterate Instagram or any potential breakaway app. Facebook owned.

Weaknesses: Complex code changes needed to copy Impulse. Security to handle millions of customer checkouts. Potentially damage current profile. Algorithm changes have alienated smaller stores and Influencers. Can't checkout directly on app. Focused on IGTV etc. Facebook owned.


Fancy           Wish          Wanelo            Lyst          Asos

Our indirect competitors are e-commerce platforms that have added a range of social media features and basic add-ons to create social shopping spaces. These platforms are not looking to promote community interaction, or offer commerce tools as a way to help it's stores boost sales. Instead, they have successfully used the power of social sharing, discovery shopping and convenience as the focal point of their growth. Impulse needs to ensure we provide the speed and seamlessly commerce experience as these platforms, but drastically improve the social experience, and offer our own Store focused service.

Strengths: Simple way to discover products. Convenient and quick shopping. Lower prices than elsewhere. Huge range of products and stores.

Weaknesses: No way to iterate of grow quickly from current position. Mainly female fashion focused. Not providing any unique service for Stores. Poor UX. Cheap products (Wish). Take combinations of high commission fee percentages (Asos 20%) and high subscription fees (Fancy $300/month).

Competitive Advantage.

Store Focused

Our competitors are currently focused on the user end part of commerce, and not looking to expand into a commerce tools service model. As such allowing us to double down on our commerce focused analytics and real time data for Stores, helping them provide engaging and targeted content that will keep their followers, and our Impulse users captivated and returning to the platform daily.

Iterate & Adapt to Store Needs

Our focus on store interaction and community growth allows us to quickly take in personal feedback, and iterate the tools and wider platform more efficiently and with greater customer input than our competitors. More importantly our lean methodology means any features or updates can be tested quickly and launched faster than our risk averse competition with their already well established and potentially cumbersome chains of command.

Customer Relationship Platform

Impulse is operating in it's own unique space. A standalone a social platform, with an integrated set of commerce tools, dedicated to powering the future of e-commerce through building engaged relationships and boosting customer interaction. We want our users to feel truly appreciated, with every opinion heard, and a vital part of every decision their favourite brands make.

Impulse is not simple a shopping app, nor is Impulse an image based social platform, instead a customer engagement platform that is preempting Instagram's addition of a few select commerce features, that ensure we offer a vital service stores and shoppers cannot find elsewhere.

Gymshark Incubator

Our ongoing work alongside the leading social media powered brand in the world gives us a vital insight and key boost towards staying ahead of the competition. As Gymshark's needs and ambitions change, we are able to iterate our feature base and build our tool system to potentially solve their potential global expansion into 3rd party sales channels (ASOS and WeChat) and as such are aiding us in developing the Impulse platform to potentially provide a vital alternative sales tool and community engagement service in the near future. (KPI and Transaction rate dependent).

Marketing & Growth.

Prove User Benefit and Emphasise Sales Approach.

Virality and social sharing has been purpose built into the Impulse platform to encourage the movement of users into and out of the platform from other social platforms, store websites and online WOM (Word of Mouth). Our marketing plan is focused on keeping Impulse as an "open" platform (you don't need to sign up to use it), and converting potential users once they are accustomed to their favourite stores using the platform, or online word of mouth through messenger, social media or blog content and Influencer collaborations.

On-Board Stores Social Following.

As aforementioned in the USPs section, on-boarding our Stores social media followers and customers via our commerce tools is one of our key marketing channels. Not only is it a cost efficient and essentially free, but we will be able to actively encourage and help stores post the tools to their community, going out of our way to ensure stores are pushing the content to the correct marketing channels at the correct time of day.

Stores committed to using Impulse and making the most of the commerce tools will also be looking to grow their Impulse following and build their profile. The tools need to be marketed as a way to engage with users outside Impulse, turn into Impulse followers, and then convert to sales and transactions (as consistent community engagement grows). It is important we are transparent with our stores in that we are looking to turn their online community into Impulse users, but unobtrusively and only after the potential user has completed their interaction with the tool upload.

Paid Social & Content Creation.

Paid social is regarded as the primary and often only channel to reach huge numbers of a targeted audience quickly and efficiently. In the current market, advertising on social media can return the lowest CPC and CPA of any channel, so much so we have designated a significant proportion of our marketing budget to exploiting this avenue. Our aim is to test and iterate ads across three platforms Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube - focusing on lesser advertised channels like Tumblr and YouTube to try and secure a 2p CPC and 10p CPA by re-targeting ads at shoppers that accessed Impulse via our tools, and specifically targeting the users who didn't sign up.

Pushing content generated by Impulse and our stores is central to growing the platform user base and enhancing our reputation among online stores. We produce consistent blog posts, whether Top 5 Products, or weekly store and Influencer interviews, upload daily Instagram and Twitter features, build and upload to our Guerilla Stores, all whilst curating the @Impulse profile on the platform.

Commerce Tools.

Our tools are part of our "open" platform ethos, and means users will be able to take part in all the sales, feedback, giveaways, pre-orders and videos our stores produce on a daily basis. We will then follow up after every interaction with a "Download Impulse" page, some key features and more content to convert intrigued community member to Impulse user.

It's a simple marketing channel, an almost freemium model giving potential users an insight into Impulse via a strong first experience, clearly signposted benefits, and easy to CTA buttons that makes Impulse a must-download app to keep up to date with their favourite brands and intriguing enough to change how they shop online.


Sharing products publicly on social platforms is currently not an often occurrence. Viewed as spam, or overtly private, or potentially exposes their "manicured" social profiles, sharing products to friends online doesn't happen in the public domain.

As such, we feel by allowing Impulse users to send individual products or saved collections to their friends or groups directly through Messenger, it adds an extremely simple and viral "poke" to checkout the platform and potentially sign up. Messenger is not an advanced marketing channel, but because it is largely underused by our competitors and has not become mainstream on other social platforms, it is an efficient way for our early users to connect and "invite" potential new users through the friendship groups.

Influencer Collaboration.

We have built a wide and diverse network of Influencers and bloggers that are Impulse users, signed up to Impulse in the past, or subscribed to know when the Impulse app launches. Over the last few years we've interviewed and got feedback from hundreds of potential collaborations and set the foundation to pick out 10-20 key paid Influencer pieces to help Impulse reach certain targeted audiences outside of our current network and reach.

For example, we've built an ongoing relationship with Ana De Jesus (@faded_spring - 19.2K Followers) who owns a 21,000 person 'Blogger & Influencer' Facebook group and is willing to offer access and promote Impulse in exchange for an official Ambassadorial role for the platform.

Marketing Plan Breakdown.

Year 1 Target


Active Users

15p-20p Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Subscription Stores

£2 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Year 2 Target


Active Users

10p-15p Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Subscription Stores

£1 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Year 1 Budget:  £15,000

  •  Organic Content Creation: £0 10k Users

  • On-Board Via Commerce Tools: £0 20k Users

  • Paid Social Ads: £10,000 50k-65k Users 

  • ASO: £1,000 5k Users

  • Influencer Collabs: £1,000 10k Users

  • PR & Media: £1,000 10k Users (10 £100 PR Packages)

  • Store Packages: £1,000 (Personalised Impulse Brochure & Invite Package) 

Year 2 Budget:  £60,000

  •  Organic Content Creation: £0 20k Users

  • On-Board Via Commerce Tools & Re-targeting Ads: £5,000 50k Users

  • Paid Social Ads: £30,000 250k-300k Users 

  • ASO: £2,500 25k Users

  • Influencer Collabs: £5,000 75k Users

  • PR & Media: £2,000 20k Users (20 £100 PR Packages)

  • Store Packages: £1,000 (Personalised Impulse Brochure & Invite Package) 

Securing Client Funnel.

Securing Store clients to be signed up to our Subscription plans is vital to our success. Our process is one of providing exceptional value long before we engage in selling our tools directly to the decision makers within each brand. Our funnel aims to highlight key potential Stores (by engagement metrics and order fulfilment) and then pass them along a content heavy funnel aimed to push Stores to becoming a Premium Store on Impulse, as part of their everyday social marketing strategy.

Choose Potential Store

Upload Store Products to Impulse

Post to Instagram and Twitter

Include in Top 5 Blog Post

Promote a Paid Boost on Instagram

Invite for Store Interview

Publish Store Interview

Open Email Convo - Pain Points

Introduce Brochure

Schedule SAMS Phone Call

On-Board/Product Demo/Trial

Close Store Client

User Retention.

Retaining our user base on a day to day basis will set the foundation for the platform's growth. It is vital to ensure that our potential Cost To Acquire a user or store sees a returned profit from users on Impulse for more than 12 months.

App Notifications

Opt-In App notifications for key events or Store posts will ensure our user base is kept up to date daily.

Email Updates

Daily Email Updates containing trending products and featured stores gives another touch point for re-using Impulse.


Holding Influencer and Store interviews is an easy way to engage recent sign ups and access social media followings.


When Stores use a commerce tool, their social following that may have already interacted with Impulse is prompted.

Paid Socal

Targeting Impulse ads at the social media followers of recent sign ups will allow for cross conversation to occur.

Content Re-targeting

Targeting Impulse products and Stores directly at recent sign ups to prompt them back onto Impulse.

User Journey.


Select Tool & Upload

Choose your tool, select some high quality images, fill out the necessary fields and upload. Simple.


Post to Impulse

Your upload is posted to all your followers on Impulse. They get quick opt-in notifications so they don't miss out.


Share to Social Media

Drop the post into your Instgram Bio, Facebook, or any online community and encourage your social followers to take part.


Followers Access Post

Your community can now freely access and interact with the post - without being an Impulse user. Whether giving feedback or buying, it's easy and secure.


Track Sales & Engagement

Keep an eye on any transactions, polls, or engagement for each post in your on app dashboard.


Followers = Customers

You've turned your social following into customers and closer community members in minutes. No coding. No complex planning. Just clever tools.


Upload Closed

Whether a Flash Sale or Giveaway, once the product stock is depleted or time is up the post will close, giving you complete control on how and when you use Impulse.

Operational Plan.

Impulse operates on an ethos of consistent progress, daily execution, and a drive to test and iterate our work quickly and efficiently. We've developed a lean mentality, working on tight budgets aimed to extract the optimum output from minimal outgoings, whilst ensuring the best possible results we can expect to achieve with these limited resources.

Outlined below is an in depth account of our day to day running, looking specifically at all the resources needed to maintain and scale the platform over the next 12 to 24 months and outlining our target KPI's to ensure measurable accountability. Executing with such a small team is determined by our ability to overlap heavily on every business aspect, and bring Impulse to a point where expansion of our core team is forced by the work needed to be completed everyday.

Daily Operations.

Content Creation & Curation.

  • Upload and Curate 100 platform products.

  • Weekly Top 5 Featured Blog post.

  • 2 Mailchimp Updates /week.

  • 2 Store/Influencer Interviews posted to Blog /week.

  • Daily Twitter Posts.

  • Daily Instagram Post.

  • Daily 20 second personal Videos for Instagram Stories.

  • 700 Daily Social Media Interactions and Comment Engagements.

  • Research and Select potential Store Clients to Upload.

  • Filter Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook for potential Influencer Collaborations.

Customer Service & Retention

  • On-Board New Store Clients via Phone or Product Demo.

  • Resolve Transaction or Order Fulfilment issues.

  • Changing Subscriptions to Pricing & Plans.

  • Resolving Complaints or Customer problems.

  • Creating Feedback Response Boxes to Targeted Users.

  • Emailing New Feature Updates to Store Clients.

  • Daily User Analytics Meetings - Time On Platform, Return Activity

  • Daily Store Analytics Meetings - Tools Used, External Shares, Integration

  • Weekly Performance Reports and Store Feedback Emails

Client Sales & Marketing

  • Place 50 Potential Store Clients into Sales Funnel /week.

  • Email Interactions with Potential Store Clients.

  • Scheduled Phone Calls and SAM's (Solution Alignment Model) meetings.

  • Product Demos.

  • Creation, Scheduling, and Tracking of Social Media Ads.

  • Weekly Google Analytics Reports and Re-Targeting Meetings.

  • 150 Direct Emails to Potential Influencers.

  • Help Stores engage and on-board social media followers.

  • Produce "How To" Video Content to help Store and User on-boarding process.

Platform Maintenance

  • Curating Content and Reporting Bugs.

  • Resolve Reports over Uploads and Dead Links.

  • Daily Update of Featured products and Stores.

  • A/B Testing of New Features and Internal Marketing channels.

  • Fortnightly App Update to App Store and Google Store.

  • Streamlining Server usage

  • Sonata Admin and Stripe Account Management

  • Advert Management & Assistance

Future Timeline.

March 2019

Due Diligence & Secure Funding

April 2019

CTO Search & Hire

3-5 Weeks

LinkedIn & Network

May 2019

Begin App Development

Lean 2 Week Sprints

Test & Iterate over 4-5 Months

May 2019

Test Marketing Plan & Select Optimum Channels

September 2019

Alpha Launch App & Push to Beta

August 2019

Early PR & Influencer Collabs

July 2019

Pre-Alpha Test & Begin Launch List Sign Ups

Target: 5,000 EA users

June 2019

Workout CPC, CPA & Begin Paid Social

Target: 10p CPA User

Target: £10 CPA Store

September 2019

Follow Up Sales & On-Board First Store Clients

30% Conversion Rate from Pre-Launch Letters of Intent

October 2019

Early KPI's & Potential Marketing Hire

March 2020

6 Month KPI Target Review & Launch Influencer Tool

September 2020

12 Month Revenue Review & Launch New Features (TBC)

Begin "Chasm Jump" Process

Scale Up Plan.




We're targeting a 4% engagement for every store on the platform across all Tools.


Tool Revenue

We're targeting that 20% of a Stores revenue on Impulse comes as a direct consequence of a Tool post.



End of Year One target transactions being processed directly through the Impulse checkout per month.


Recurring Revenue

For the first 12 months we're targeting our stores to have Impulse revenue doubling ever month

2 per week

Tool Uploads

Stores will be encouraged to use at least 2 Tool posts per week and share these to their online community.


User Retention & DAU

We want to retain 0% of our User and Store base back onto the platform everyday.

"Jump The Chasm" Features.

Scaling up past our first 18 months will involve constant platform iteration, feedback intake and community interactions. Outlined below is a set of potential feature additions to accelerate us into our Product-Market Fit.

Lifestyle Creation.

Events, Trips, Tickets, Video, Music, Publications and everything you need to create your dream life.

Impulse API.

Bespoke API that allows product checkout directly integrated into Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.

Messenger Bot.

Messenger Bot that can recommend products to inboxes of user base and bought directly through checkout.

Advanced Tools.

More advanced tools and analytics to access community and boost engagement rates.

Store Templates.

Basic Store templates allowing Stores to use Impulse as their main website to sell goods.

Return Logistics.

Help Shoppers and Stores track Impulse products with an internal logistics system.

Social & Culture.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

We're acutely aware of the dangers burnout and neglecting ones mental, physical, and social wellbeing can have on productivity, performance and creative output. We highlight the importance of physical fitness and cognitive rest on a daily basis, encouraging a culture of exercise, mindfulness, rest, and clean (as possible) eating, as well as a strong empathetic stance on mental health issues, where a person's emotional well being supersedes any work, deadline, or task. 

Learning Culture

As Founders we are self-taught in a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, and creative pursuits. As such we promote a steadfast learning culture, whether encouraging trial and error, or flat out failure, it will often lead to learned breakthroughs. At Impulse reading, courses, qualifications and any educational need will be subsidised, creating a culture of progress, and confidence in one's ability to solve any issue.

Open Communication & Tough Conversations

Working under constant duress, in such a high pressure environment inevitably leads to a plethora of issues that need to be discussed, dissected and then resolved. As brothers were are no strangers to "butting heads" when solving key issues; but this has allowed us to cultivate a place where everything is discussed, any issue solved as a team, and tough conversations are managed and equally solved with the understanding we are all working together towards a common goal.

Management Team.

Impulse is currently run full time by two Co-Founders, alongside intermittent part time help, and consistent support from Advisers. We have been running Impulse as a small team since concept, working on every single facet of the company, whether that be securing funding, managing budgets, creating our brand, networking, project managing our developments, sending emails, overseeing social media, and producing content in the form of curated products and blog pieces.

As Founders we have “as much skin in the game” as reasonably possible, taking on the necessary business loans and wider finance ourselves, as well as simultaneously securing European Proof of Concept Grant Funding, all whilst running three small side hustles, The Pro Boot Room and Digestible Notes to extend our runway as needed to reach this stage.

However, and most importantly we are well aware of our need to build our team, abridge some of our weaknesses and ensure as Impulse grows we have the people capable of scaling up the platform efficiently. We have accomplished a huge amount with limited resources, but are now preparing for and approaching a vital stage to expand Impulse and accelerate our growth.


Jamie Evans

Founder of The Pro Boot Room. University business with niche 10K social following, £30K turnover at 300-500% ROI selling direct through Twitter. Vision and Design.

Gareth Evans

Founder of Digestible Notes. Collated university notes marketplace with 33K monthly unique hits. Rejected both Oxford and Cambridge University. Devil's Advocate and Problem Solver.


Adam Harrison

Head of Innovation Director at Gymshark and Employee #4. Scaled up Gymshark alongside original Founders. Adam invited us onto the Gymshark Incubator.

Elfried Samba

Grown Gymshark social media accounts to over 7 Million combined followers. Maintains 4% Engagement across all platforms. Community driven vision. 

Andy Honess

Held UK and international senior sales and Managing Director positions in the enterprise software space, including IBM and Siebel Systems and helped take QLIK from start-up to a NASDAQ IPO for $749m in 2010.

Future Hires.

Technical Co-Founder

Full Stack Developer. Technical Lead to create Impulse App in React Native. Be able to monitor, iterate and lead the feature growth and maintenance of the platform on a day to day basis. Background in SAAS, Commerce, leading an agency, or having launched Apps themselves or as part of a small startup. Salary - £30,000 to £50,000 plus Vested Equity 5% over 3 Years (1-2-2). See Appendix.

Marketing & Sales Lead

Social Media and digital marketer able to plan and scale an 12-24 month growth pipeline. Be fully proficient in Paid Social, Influencer Marketing, Traction building.  Background in organic growth OR track record of selling SAAS service(s) to clients. Salary - £25,000 to £35,000 plus Vested Equity 2% over 2 Years (1-1). 


Revenue Streams.

10% Commission

We take 10% commission from transactions that occur directly through the on-platform checkout. Whether they come from standard product uploads or from Flash Sales, Pre-Orders, or Tagged Videos our commission fee is our primary revenue stream. When a checkout is completed, the payment is processed by Stripe, automatically splitting the amount across the Store Clients Account, the Impulse Account and Stripe's 1.4% + 20p (2.9% + 20p Non-European) transaction fee. 

Taking a Commission fee is determined by our ability to access large numbers of Users (via our Stores) and convert these into transactions. The benefit of taking a consistent fee is that as our user base, store base, and transaction rate grows this revenue stream scales exceptionally quickly in comparison to our Subscription or Advert based streams. It is important to note that our commission fee is not completely dependent on our User base, but more so the number of Stores on the platform and total transactions through the platform.

We have determined that our Target figures have 10% of our User Base and an extra 5% of Shoppers accessing Impulse via our Commerce Tools will make 1 transaction per month at an average transaction checkout of £42 (Market Average Sale). For our Conservative figures we assume 8% of user Base and a further 3% of Shoppers accessing via our Commerce Tools will make 1 transaction per month at an average of £42. We then take £4.20 of this (10% Commission minus Stripe fees which are paid by the Store) as direct revenue from the transaction.



End of Year 1: 50k Users & 250 Stores    |    End of Year 2: 250k Users & 1000 Stores    |    End of Year 3: 1M Users & 5k Stores

8% of Users make a £42 average Transaction Once per month. (5% DAU + 3% Tools)


End of Year 1: 100k Users & 500 Stores    |    End of Year 2: 500k Users & 2500 Stores    |    End of Year 3: 2.5M Users & 10k Stores

15% of Users make a £42 average Transaction Once per month. (10% DAU + 5% Tools)

Conservative Example: End of Year One


Total Active Users on Impulse /month


Transactions on Impulse /month

4k x £42

Users making one £42 Transaction /month



Total Transaction Amount through Checkout /month


Monthly Revenue at 10% Commission



Total Verified Stores

on Impulse /month


Transactions per Store 

on Impulse /month

Target Example: End of Year Three.


Total Active Users on Impulse /month


Transactions on Impulse /month

375k x £42

Users making one £42 Transaction /month




Total Transaction Amount through Checkout /month

Monthly Revenue at 10% Commission



Total Verified Stores

on Impulse /month


Transactions per Store 

on Impulse /month

Commission Revenue: Year 1-2-3

0          10k          20k          30k          40k          50k          60k          70k                  75k         110k          145k          180k          215k          250k          285k          320k                  350k          550k          750k          950k          1.15m          1.35m         1.55m                        

Sep '19




Oct '19

Nov '19

Dec '19

Jan '20

Feb '20

Mar '20




Apr '20

May '20

Jun '20

Jul '20

Aug '20


Sep '20

Oct '20

Nov '20

Dec '20

Jan '21

Feb '21

Mar '21

Apr '21

May '21

Jun '21

Jul '21

Aug '21

Sep '21

Oct '21

Nov '21

Dec '21

Jan '22

Feb '22

Mar '22

Apr '22

May '22

Jun '22

Jul '22

Aug '22

End Year 1

Conservative User Base & 8% Transaction 

Conservative User Base & 15% Transaction 

Target User Base & 8% Transaction 

Target User Base & 15% Transaction 

End Year 2

End Year 3

Total Com. Revenue: Year 1





Total Com. Revenue: Year 2