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About Me

Former Start-Up Founder, English Graduate and a Passionate Traveller who has spent much of my time working, travelling and learning around the globe. My background has allowed me to explore a plethora of different life avenues and attempt to pursue a life that I find fulfilled and with purpose. I am extremely dedicated to whatever role I pick up or create for myself, constantly delivering results, whilst simultaneously striving to work alongside brilliant people who challenge each other to do more.

Key Skills

  • Self-taught UI & UX Design - User flow, platform behaviour, and psychological patterns built into all early sketches, key wireframes, design research, and competition analysis. (Adobe PS, Dribbble).

  • Building Interactive App & Web Prototypes - Incorporate key design pivots and feedback loops from users and clients (Adobe XD & Marvel).

  • eCommerce Systems - Payment (Bespoke Stripe Connect & PayPal), Platform Security, Sonata Admin product listings, real-time analytics and data.

  • eCommerce Marketing - Product visuals and photography, brand identity, social content, and app integration (Shopify & Mailchimp API's).

  • Product Management - Experience running a small team in a Start-Up environment focused on social growth, maintenance, and monitoring user behaviour response.

  • Product Development - Meeting deadlines, agile development process, designing and planning product cycle (Chasm Jump), pivots, and QA.


Bachelor of English  2:1 -  Loughborough University

2010 - 2013

Completed my Bachelor of Arts in English with a 2:1. Wrote my dissertation on the "Impact of Psychoanalysis on Early Modernist Literature." Studied modules across Postmodernism, creative film, and psychology.

3 A Levels & 9 GCSEs   -  Bromsgrove School & St Johns School Leatherhead

2005 - 2010

Attained my 9 GCSE's (4A*s, 4As, 1B) in 2008 and my 3 A Levels (A*AA) in English, Geography, and Physical Education. Completed DoE award, was multiple sports captain, and played 3 years 1XI and 1XV sport across both senior schools.


CEO & Founder - Impulse

2015 - 2019

Over the last 4 years, myself and a small team have from taken an idea concept, designed, raised money, built and been running a fully functional social commerce platform. We opened to 2100 Early Access Users and 450 Stores and have been in the process of working to raise another round of investment to offer a separate set of intelligent commerce tools. The role has included working on every single facet of the company; securing funding, managing budgets, creating our brand, networking, project managing our developments, sending A/B tested client emails, overseeing social media content creation and professional collaborations. Impulse has taken immense dedication and enthusiasm to constantly overcome every hurdle thrown at it. Whether that be our work with Virgin Start-Up, securing a European Union Proof of Concept Grant, or being invited by Gymshark to help develop our platform in house on their Innovation Incubator, steadfast courage has been needed to clear the uncertainty and continue performing tireless to provide a vital service to our stores and users.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Presentation, public speaking, pitching and networking across the Start-Up community in Birmingham and London.

  • Web Design (Adobe XD & Photoshop), Web Development, Stripe API, Shopify API, Stock management, email customer service, and selling directly to clients.

  • Curation of physical products and goods with a close eye on aesthetic design and lifestyle content. 

  • Liaising with our stores, the stock inventory and commerce tools they use (Shopify).

  • Project Managing our platform build and work inside a scrum process to deliver the platform at fortnightly checkpoints.

  • Motivating and driving our small team forwards to achieve results and deliver amounts of work that would usually take a team of 10+ to deliver.

Owner - The Pro Boot Room

2012 - 2016

Whilst at University, I sold sports memorabilia directly through Twitter, eBay, and our home eCommerce site, where social media followers were targeted (Age 25-35 & Disposable Income & Football Fan) with nostalgic video and product image content turning over £30K at a 300-500% ROI on each piece sold. Required hours of dedication, strategy, customer and personal management, as well as research and creativity to become the largest independent seller of my niche market at the time.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Buying/Selling stock, PayPal transactions, and running a self-sufficient, self built e-commerce site (HTML, Wix).

  • Creating social media collaborations, running efficient customer service, and pushing daily unique content.

  • Running an eBay Store, 266 Positive Feedback, 4.9 Stars - Constant stock management and shipping logistics (International, Tax, etc).

Owner - InnovationX

2018 - Present

InnovationX began as a creative project that utilised the years worth of time implementing UI & UX design work, building websites using HTML, CSS, Squarespace, WIX, and Shopify, and growing a start-up from the ground up. We currently build design prototypes in 14 day sprints using Adobe XD, Photoshop, Marvel, and Figma to produce interactive app and web platforms for our clients. Having launched a few companies, the early stages are often the most daunting, our aim with InnovationX is to offer key early support - validating ideas, gaining user traction, improving investment readiness, and bridging the chasm between a founders concepts and expensive developers.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Building interpersonal relationships with clients (Email, Fiverr, Business Network).

  • Offering social media support for early stage companies - including Instagram Story Templates & Tumblr, YouTube, Twitch, and Pinterest.

  • Working to a pre-scheduled calendar to deliver projects on time (Revisions, Project edits, Managing delayed payments).

Boarding Master, Sports Coach, Teaching Assistant & Event Organiser - The Southport School, AUS

2013 - 2015

Having moved to Australia in July 2013, I spent 3 years living and looking after school boarders from age 13-18. As a boarding master my role included 24/7 student support, carefully navigating student personal problems, and providing a key care role. Alongside this I was a full time sports coach, teaching assistant for domestic and international students, and organised key sports and social events.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships with students from various social and cultural backgrounds.

  • Patience whilst offering academic support and day to day life advice and pastoral care.

  • Solving issues and problems at short notice, whilst working in a hectic and often highly energetic boarding environment.


Mixing travel, education, sport, and business over the last 8 years has been the foundation of my life. Earning funds to solo travel, founding 2 companies, and playing high level elite sport has allowed me to learn and achieve in various scenarios all over the world.

  • Travelled to 25 Countries - Lived and worked in Australia.

  • Strength & Conditioning - Elite Sport and Gym.

Qualifications & Attributes

  • Adobe XD, Excel, Powerpoint, Word Proficient

  • Level 1 & 2 Football, Rugby, and Cricket Coach (UK & AUS)

  • Fluent in English

  • Reliable, Punctual, and Dedicated 

Jamie Evans

8 Roden Avenue


DY10 2RF



1st October 2019

To Whom it may concern,

My start-up failed. 1,599 days of sheer effort, incredibly long nights, and hundreds, if not many thousands of little failures have culminated to now. We surveyed, designed, developed, launched, iterated, launched again, networked, collaborated and created endlessly; and achieved a huge amount on limited resources (2100 Early Access Users, 450 eCommerce Stores, Gymshark signed Letter of Intent), but still failed. I made mistakes; lack of efficient networking, previous development delays and decisions caught up with us, I built little credibility and was far too insular in our problem solving process. Yet, I loved every single second. Every issue and crisis, every barrier, and meeting, and 3am customer phone call. Every minor success and lesson learnt the hardest way possible. No one to hold my hand, and my job to hold everyone else's hand. People relied on me. I failed. People expected me to succeed. I failed. Clients demanded I succeed. I failed. Sacrificing more than money - we lost friendships, relationships, travel trips, events, gigs, family events, and the time from our early 20's pursuing something great. Chasing down the big guys. Hunting for something better. Trying to change the lives of clients, our users, and ourselves. We failed. I failed.

I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

However, it's time to start again. To be again part of a new vision. To help push a company way beyond it's boundaries. This time it won't be mine. I want to join yours. Everything I have learned isn't through the way you probably usually hire. I have a wide set of skills built in an unusual way, predominately formed under pressure at short time scales to achieve optimal results. In hindsight, I have three particular area of expertise that I excelled at - UI & UX Design, eCommerce, and Product Management. Built from a mixture of designing our app and web platform, researching and creating our bespoke social commerce sales and analytics system, all whilst scheduling the platform maintenance, security, product upkeep, and guiding a small team across large time spans to remain focused and guided towards our targets.

Through running Impulse my curious nature often lent itself to understanding key successful startups in relevant sectors to our own. Revolut was one of our "poster boys" for growth, community maintenance, and crowdfunding. We kept a close eye on your progress, and wasn't surprised by your Seedrs raise and substantial valuation. Currency exchange and the transfer of money (decentralised banking and cryptocurrency), will soon outweigh oil in it's importance to growing economies and survival of major world powers. Even in the microcosm of running a small start-up this is clear, and I understand the importance of financial security and overseas liquidity in money transfer for business and personal use.


I'm inspired to take on a new challenge and help take Revolut on to it's next steps in revolutionising banking as we know it; particularly your Beta movement into Perks and bringing community incentives to financial accounts. I'm open for a phone call or further discussion whenever a best time may suit.


Jamie Evans


Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481


Daniel Brown

TSS Dean of Boarding 2012-2016

Nimisha Mascarenhas

GS Hostel Owner



Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

Selection Criteria

A relevant tertiary qualification and three years’ experience in a student support role, or equivalent:

Completed a Bachelor of Business, undertaking key modules in Leadership and Organisation, as well as choosing further modules in Social Work, Anthropology, Youth Gangs, and Violence, Death & Culture. Alongside my bachelors I have taken part in numerous University led well-being and support events, as well as organising and running various student supported events, trivia nights, and brunch events.

Demonstrated understanding of the safety support and wellbeing issues impacting domestic and international university students:

Having travelled across 40 countries and studied in Australia, Sweden, and the Netherlands, I have spent a large proportion of the last 5 years interacting and living amongst both domestic and international students. Whether that be dealing with language barriers, social differences, homesickness, study anxiety, or the cultural subtleties that often differ between Australian based and overseas students I am well aware of the care needed to understand the range of openness and acceptance of well-being and mental health.

Proven strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills including experience in effectively responding to situations where people may be in distress:

Whilst travelling, completing written essays during my degree, or immersing myself in both interpersonal student and work life I am dedicated to communicating clearly, empathising with the reader or listener, and most importantly not imposing my thoughts on the people I have helped support or offered advice to. There has been some key moments that have dictated my passion for well-being, none more so than having to carefully talk a suicidal man off a bridge, understand his worries, ease his irrational thoughts and ensure the relevant authorities could follow up in a more professional manner.

Demonstrated experience in effectively engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and facilitating feedback:

Dealing with multiple departments, organising daily and weekly reports, and ensuring proper documentation of stock inventory, event stalls, or people and budgets has been central to my volunteer work; alongside completing group projects, major academic presentations in Utrecht and here in Australia working in hierarchical retail environments engaging with regional and national representatives.

Demonstrated experience undertaking projects and contributing to organisational change processes:

Running events, support meetups, engaging entertainment nights and making sure these are taken from start to finish seamlessly, whilst co-operating with a broad group of subsidiary contractors is a personal favourite challenge of mine. Whether running Children's Heart Foundation charity events, non-profit Harry Potter trivia evenings, or high profile Wellness events, organising people carefully and enthusiastically is vital and an environment I thrive in.

High level computing skills including website maintenance and online survey administration:

Trained in advanced stock and inventory management systems (Shopify), and built and designed personal travel blogs and websites, both as part of my Business degree but also within my spare time.

Strong working knowledge of current workplace health and safety legislation:

Working within a frantic hostel environment and during volunteer events, working with international students and travellers, all whilst ensuring workplace safety, fire precaution, anti-bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, as well as the daily need to up keep the high standards a business expects from it's key employees.


Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

Selection Criteria  (Continued)

Strong working knowledge of the principles of equity, diversity, access and inclusion:

Working in a vibrant hostel environment dealing with a plethora of nationalities, studying in Sweden and the Netherlands, and taking a keen interest in Global Mobility for students has been a crash course in understanding and emphasising with various people, from worldwide backgrounds, disabilities and inclusive needs.

Demonstrated capacity to operate effectively across multi-disciplinary teams and adapt your approach to changes in environment or circumstances:

My less than linear career path to date is proof I am able to succeed in a varied and challenging set of environments. Within each role, whether as a retail assistant, Wellness Warrior and Global mobility officer, or student, being open to leading a group of people, or simply having to do the basic "dirty work" is vital to a team succeeding. I have been more than willing to take on any challenge needed and adapt to every single person or task handed to me, with diligence and care.