Connect, Convert and Reward your online community.

Impulse combines the power of social interaction and intelligent tools to connect, convert, and reward your online community, improving the shoppers’ brand engagement and experience.

We achieve this by working directly with you to on-board potential customers and convert your brands social-media engagement into transactions across Impulse, via internal commerce tools.


Our Mission.

Impulse was founded as a vehicle to give the founding team time to create, work, travel and live life on their terms. This ethos is interwoven into our core belief - to give the people brave enough to run their own show, start their own companies, and build innovative products all the tools available to create their own version of freedom and happiness everyday.


We understand the bottom line is your livelihood. Our aim is to give you the daily sales boost to ensure you have the freedom to live life on your terms.

Understand You.

Getting to know your needs as a brand is key to how Impulse works. Understanding your pain points helps us solve the day to day problems.

Work With The Best.

We're dedicated to collaborating with talented people. Our work with Gymshark is testament to our desire to help you world class growth and exposure.

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How Impulse works.

Impulse is an incredibly powerful platform wrapped up within a simple and efficient user experience. It only takes a few steps to begin.


Select Tool & Upload

Choose your tool, select some high quality images, fill out the necessary fields and upload. Simple.


Post to Impulse

Your upload is posted to all your followers on Impulse. They get a quick notification so they don't miss out.


Share to Social Media

Drop the post into your Instgram Bio, Facebook, or any online community and encourage your social followers to take part.


Followers Access Post

Your community can now freely access and interact with the post - without being an Impulse user. Whether giving feedback or buying, it's easy and secure.


Track Sales & Engagement

Keep an eye on any transactions, polls, or engagement for each post in your on app dashboard.


Followers = Customers


Upload Closed

You've turned your social following into customers and closer community members in minutes. No coding. No complex planning. Just clever tools.

Whether a Flash Sale or Giveaway, once the product stock is depleted or time is up the post will close, giving you complete control on how and when you use Impulse.

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The Tools.




Intelligent tools purpose built to revolutionise how you engage and sell to your online community. We enable you to run flash sales, prized giveaways, collect feedback and connect with your followers without you changing a single line of code or planning online events weeks in advance.

Get a little closer to your followers and truly understand what they want from you and your brand.

Let us wake your dormant social following and convert those Instagram likes into hard earned cash.

Giving back to your followers is a sure fire winner to building a thriving community. Turn followers into long term fans.

Flash Sales.

Reward your followers seamlessly.

Reward your online community with short term, viral and seamless flash sales without having to change the source code on your home website.

Set the time frame, % reduction, quantity available and then share across social media.


Your community can access the sale and complete the checkout, allowing you to track sales and fulfil orders exported directly to your Shopify account. 

1, 12 or 24 Hour Tracked Sales


Turn your community into decision makers.

Often feedback is wrapped up in emails and long winded social media exchanges, leading to a disconnect between a store and their customers. Our internal tool uses feedback polls, Q&A sessions, or Questionnaires that give a stores community real time interactions with their favourite brands and be able to impact the direction of the store on a daily basis.

Daily Real Time Opinions

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Video Tags.

Real time shopping through tagged videos.

Video is the future of personalised content on social media. The chance to tell your story, showcase events, produce "how to" content on their products and personally update your community is vital to success.

Upload short videos and then "tag" these videos with products at time stamps across the video. These then appear as a live feed on the post and allow your community to shop interactively as the video plays.

How To Videos & Event Updates


Showcase new goods and track early sales.

Collect email addresses and early pre-order sales before launching a new product; all emails are collated on an internal Impulse dashboard and exported to Mailchimp.

Store followers can input an email address and be notified when the new range launches, or pre-order the product and save a % on price because they follow the store and got in early.

Collect Emails and Secure Potential Customers 


Giveback to turn followers into fans.

Give back to your online community and reward them for their support as customers by running internal giveaways. Free stuff is a viral driver of engagement and new UGC, and often difficult to run fairly and without bias especially when choosing winners at "random".

Users input an email and name to enter and get a unique ID. All entrants are notified on Impulse and by email, and collated onto your Dashboard. The stores are able to randomly "Pick Winner" and the platform will select winner(s) from the pool of entrants.

Viral Rewards

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Why Impulse?

We're changing the way e-commerce and social media collide on a daily basis. Impulse is here to help you ensure the hours of fighting through unfair algorithms and inconsistent engagement on social media actually correlates into a thriving community and boosted sales.


Every follower on Impulse will see your posts. No "selective" algorithms limiting what content your community sees. Simple.

Boost Transactions.

Flash Sales, interactive posts and a seamless Stripe checkout built to help you sell more products with minimal effort. 

Build Relationships.

Your community is bombarded with content everyday. Cut through the chaos and turn your followers into long term fans.

Real Time Engagement.

Get your followers involved everyday. Make them insider decision makers with daily touch points and feedback.

Wake Dormant Followers.

Reach your inactive social media followers and prompt them to take part in your Giveaways and Flash Sales.

In-Depth Analytics & Insights

Track and analyse every transaction and engagement. Impulse offers unique insights into peak sales times and audience behaviour.  

Reduce Abandoned Carts.

Impulse is built for fast paced shopping. Without a cart users seamlessly transfer from product page directly to checkout confirmation.

The 10% Advantage

We're here to help you extract the little extra boost in sales, engagement and interaction to create a thriving and connected community.

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Pricing & Plans.

Select the subscription plan that best fits your needs and goals. Our aim is to build a flexible and transparent platform that gives you the tools to take your store to the next level.


Check out Impulse for free, see how the platform works, and the get an insight into the other Stores using our tools.  



Unlimited Product Uploads

Unlimited Followers


5 Collections

No Checkout

Products Link To Your Home Site

100% Product Visibility

£0 For Life


Impulse takes a small commission from any transaction made through our on-platform checkout. This fee is automatic and ensures zero delay in funds reaching you.


Complete access to Impulse, all our tools, full checkout, and analytics. Everything needed to transform followers into transactions daily.  

1 Month Free Trial



per day

Unlimited Product Uploads

Unlimited Followers

250 Transactions /month

5 Collections

On Platform Checkout

Stripe Connect Account

Analytics & Insights

Order Fulfilment & Tracking

Integration: Shopify, Mailchimp etc

Account Support

100% Product Visibility

Monthly payment of £30


Unlimited access to every feature on Impulse as often as you need. All-in-one account to captivate your community.

1 Month Free Trial



per day

Unlimited Product Uploads

Unlimited Followers

Unlimited Transactions

Unlimited Collections

On Platform Checkout


Stripe Connect Account

Analytics & Insights

Order Fulfilment & Tracking

Integration: Shopify, Mailchimp etc

Account Support

100% Product Visibility

Influencer Collaborations

Monthly payment of £90


10 %

Commission On Transactions directly through the Impulse checkout

Confidential Information. We Are Impulse Ltd. Reg: 10845149. 2019.


If you're a little unsure of how Impulse can directly help you feel free to drop an email to Jamie and say hello - - or catch us on Instagram @weareimpulse. 

What makes Impulse different to Instagram?

Instagram is an effective platform to help you hold a social presence and build your audience. Whereas Impulse is dedicated to getting you closer to your community and turn followers into transactions. Both are standalone social media platforms, Impulse however is unique in the fact that every upload is a product that can be bought, and no other platform has our set of shareable commerce tools.

Can posts be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook or Messenger?

Any post on Impulse can be shared directly via our "Share" icon that can be found on any product, collection or tool post. The shared post will appear with a preview image, title and description. Posts can also be shared by URL link to your Instagram Bio, Facebook page or any social platform.

Do my social followers need to be signed up to Impulse to buy from Flash Sales?

Social media followers, current customers, or anyone who follows a shared link can access Flash Sales, Pre-Orders, Giveaways, Feedback and our Tagged Video tools. They don't need to be signed up to Impulse and we won't prompt them until after the interaction is complete.

Why is there a subscription fee and % commission fee?

Impulse is a service product, offering a unique set of commerce tools at a fraction cost in comparison to market competitors. The subscription plans are taken as a token fee that grants access to our tools. The commission fee is traditionally found across e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy,  Fancy, and ASOS Marketplace. Ours at 10% is below the market average.

Is a Stripe account necessary to become a Premium Store?

To ensure bank level security and the fastest payment processing possible we use Stripe Connect as part of becoming a Premium or Unlimited account. The Stripe account is set up in 60 seconds during the Impulse sign up process. All payments received into your Stripe account can be automatically re-directed to your official business bank account to help with seamless order fulfilment.

How secure is the on-platform checkout?

Whether paying by card (using our Stripe checkout) or with PayPal, security is managed by the very best in payment processing. All transactions are tracked, scanned and verified to ensure validity. Even if a customer is an Impulse user, or an external visitor to the platform, our checkout offers the same level of security and payment authentication.

Does Impulse integrate with my Shopify?

Impulse is purpose built to work alongside other key platform API's. At launch, Impulse will be integrated with Stripe, Paypal, Shopify, Instagram, and Mailchimp.


Payment Processing and checkout security is managed by Stripe and the Stripe Connect API. Account access is granted during Impulse Sign Up.


Order fulfilment is managed on your Impulse Orders page, which integrates directly to your Shopify account to ensure all new transactions are received and processed safely.


Your Pre-Order and Giveaway Tools directly integrate with Mailchimp allowing you to export email lists and contact particular sets of followers directly.

Confidential Information. We Are Impulse Ltd. Reg: 10845149. 2019.