Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

About Me

Bachelor of Business Graduate and a passionate traveller who has spent much of my time working, travelling and learning around the globe. I am an aspiring mental health worker, well-being educational consultant, and hostel owner, whose passion is people & outdoor adventuring. I have experience within a variety of work fields, and have gained extra experience and skills from varied and challenging volunteer work. In a society inundated by a rise in mental health diagnosis amongst young adults, I feel my desire to work with these groups will have a significant impact on their quality of life.

Key Skills

  • Passionate about Mental Health and understanding the importance of my own and others mental health & well-being.

  • Strong Communication Skills and a quick learner in new environments.

  • Motivated and outgoing personality able to empathise with people from a diverse social and cultural background.

  • Self-aware of the impact our own welfare can have on surrounding family and colleagues.

  • Open to tough conversations and dealing with people in certain situations of distress (Suicide, Self-Harming, Anxiety).

  • Calm under-pressure organising events, hitting pre-set timelines, and ensuring the well-being of all attendees and students alike. 


Bachelor of Business  -  Griffith University Gold Coast

2016 - 2019

I have completed my Bachelor for Business this year; with a focus on Leadership, Organisation and Accounting, as well as recent modules in Anthropology, Social Work, Youth Culture, and Violence & Death. I aim to potentially continue further education by completing a Masters in Social Work and a further one year Post Grad Mental Health Certificate. I have also completed 2 exchanges, which challenged my ability to learn in foreign environments and interact with a diverse cultural background of students.

High School Certificate  -  Byron Bay High School

2007 - 2012

Completed my High School Certificate in 2012. Enjoyed amongst my studies further activities in Contemporary Dance, Art, and Football.

Undertaken 2 International Exchanges:

  • Lund 2017

  • Utrecht 2018-2019


Wellness Warrior, Guild & Global Mobility - Griffith University

2017 -2018

My Wellness promotion work included Stress Less Week, Sleep Day, University Mental Health day & "R U Ok" day. I was trained by the student support manager and completed a mental health first aid training to host wellness events. Part of this was setting up, running and promoting the events in a positive, friendly and supportive manner, as well as volunteering for the Guild involved campus tours and student stalls to help and engage with new students. With Global mobility work I help to set up, host and engage with students about exchange programs and travelling overseas.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • One on One support with students that came forward with confidential mental health issues.

  • Interpersonal relationships with any student whether international or domestic.

  • Teaching and passing on advice regarding mental well-being and day to day health.

Retail Assitant - Afends - Gold Coast

2017 -2018

Organisation, store maintenance, and customer interaction were core to my time working for Afends. Keeping tabs or relevant stock inventory, managing the Shopify payment system in store, and generally ensuring all customers and colleagues were in an interesting and helpful environment.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Receiving and organising stock inventory.                                             

  • Product knowledge & customer service.

  • Cashing up tills and operating register.

Starlight Children's Foundation, Life Line and Heart Kids Foundation - Gold Coast

2016 -2018

The chance to take part and run a set of well-being and support events targeted and mental health, but also children's welfare was not only incredibly challenging but a rewarding experience. Organising parent-child activities, managing Health & Safety but providing a vital link between parent and child was a great way to learn about patience and empathy. 

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Event set up for $2 clothing event for suicide prevention, “Two Feet & a Heartbeat” charity walk, and Starlight marathon.

  • Group Work & Interacting with families and their children.

  • Face painting, playing games, and organising event food.

Events Co-Ordintaor - GS Hostel - Lisbon, Portugal


Event organisation and guest support was central to my role whilst working and living in Lisbon. Having to organise events, activities, trips, nights and hostel running was a great learning curve for communication skills and dealing with large groups of people. General guest support included looking after international travellers, their well-being, and ensuring they felt safe and content in the hostel environment.

Key Skills Implemented:

  • Reception work & communication skills.

  • Managing booking system & putting through transactions.

  • Organising and hosting events & activities for guests.


Mixing travel and education over the last 6 years has been the foundation of my life. Earning funds to solo travel, partaking in 2 exchanges, and providing various support roles in student and university life.

  • Travelled to 40 Countries - Lived in Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal

  • Event Organiser at Lund University Nations - Providing Student Support

  • Organised Various Uni Trivia Nights - Griffith University

  • Skateboarding, Hiking, Reading and Gym enthusiast - Outdoor Living 

Qualifications & Attributes

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Loss Prevention Certificate

  • Food Safety Supervisor

  • Fluent in Swedish & English

  • Reliable, Punctual, and Dedicated 

  • Close Student Understanding and Interpersonal Skills


Renee McCann

Afends Manager


Nimisha Mascarenhas

GS Hostel Owner



Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

6th February 2019

Prof. Nan Bahr

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)

Southern Cross University

Military Road

East Lismore

NSW 2480

Re: Student Safety Support and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator - Vacancy ID 19011

Dear Professor Nan Bahr,

I hope this application finds you well?

Having the spent the last 6 months completing my second exchange in Utrecht, Netherlands where I completed my Bachelor in Business, I am currently applying for this role from Kathmandu, Nepal as I prepare to trek Everest Base Camp, before returning home to Byron Bay, Australia at the end of February. However beautiful Nepal may be, it is certainly not the most ideal place to prep and complete an application like this for such a fantastic role!

Nevertheless, the opportunity to work directly within student support services, in an area of education and life I am dedicated to in the form of well-being and welfare, all whilst being an integral part of Southern Cross University and their student population was a chance not to be missed. Though my educational background in Business is not at first glance directly aligned to the role on offer; my work, study, and volunteer work has used a diverse range of the leadership, organisation and accounting skills I gained during my degree. Furthermore, for the last 12 months, I have taken a small life pivot and been selecting modules with a view to social work, specifically Anthropology and Youth Culture.


Most importantly however, my own personal passion for people, helping students make the most from their time at university, and foremost the importance of maintained and supported mental health is the key reason this role would be so suitable for myself. Having dealt with various situations on my travels and exchanges where supporting members of public in distress, consolidating friends and colleagues as they deal with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, or simply helping engage people via organised events and support roles; the chance to test myself at an exciting and challenging work space, learning everyday, and helping change the everyday lives of the students that need that subtle hand of support and guidance would be one I'd grab with both hands and jump into with all the enthusiasm and passion needed to succeed.

Below I have outlined the selection criteria requested in the application and done my best to showcase my direct suitability for the role.

Your Sincerely,

Rebecca Dipple


Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

Selection Criteria

A relevant tertiary qualification and three years’ experience in a student support role, or equivalent:

Completed a Bachelor of Business, undertaking key modules in Leadership and Organisation, as well as choosing further modules in Social Work, Anthropology, Youth Gangs, and Violence, Death & Culture. Alongside my bachelors I have taken part in numerous University led well-being and support events, as well as organising and running various student supported events, trivia nights, and brunch events.

Demonstrated understanding of the safety support and wellbeing issues impacting domestic and international university students:

Having travelled across 40 countries and studied in Australia, Sweden, and the Netherlands, I have spent a large proportion of the last 5 years interacting and living amongst both domestic and international students. Whether that be dealing with language barriers, social differences, homesickness, study anxiety, or the cultural subtleties that often differ between Australian based and overseas students I am well aware of the care needed to understand the range of openness and acceptance of well-being and mental health.

Proven strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills including experience in effectively responding to situations where people may be in distress:

Whilst travelling, completing written essays during my degree, or immersing myself in both interpersonal student and work life I am dedicated to communicating clearly, empathising with the reader or listener, and most importantly not imposing my thoughts on the people I have helped support or offered advice to. There has been some key moments that have dictated my passion for well-being, none more so than having to carefully talk a suicidal man off a bridge, understand his worries, ease his irrational thoughts and ensure the relevant authorities could follow up in a more professional manner.

Demonstrated experience in effectively engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and facilitating feedback:

Dealing with multiple departments, organising daily and weekly reports, and ensuring proper documentation of stock inventory, event stalls, or people and budgets has been central to my volunteer work; alongside completing group projects, major academic presentations in Utrecht and here in Australia working in hierarchical retail environments engaging with regional and national representatives.

Demonstrated experience undertaking projects and contributing to organisational change processes:

Running events, support meetups, engaging entertainment nights and making sure these are taken from start to finish seamlessly, whilst co-operating with a broad group of subsidiary contractors is a personal favourite challenge of mine. Whether running Children's Heart Foundation charity events, non-profit Harry Potter trivia evenings, or high profile Wellness events, organising people carefully and enthusiastically is vital and an environment I thrive in.

High level computing skills including website maintenance and online survey administration:

Trained in advanced stock and inventory management systems (Shopify), and built and designed personal travel blogs and websites, both as part of my Business degree but also within my spare time.

Strong working knowledge of current workplace health and safety legislation:

Working within a frantic hostel environment and during volunteer events, working with international students and travellers, all whilst ensuring workplace safety, fire precaution, anti-bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, as well as the daily need to up keep the high standards a business expects from it's key employees.


Rebecca Dipple

9 Coachwood Close

Byron Bay

NSW 2481

Selection Criteria  (Continued)

Strong working knowledge of the principles of equity, diversity, access and inclusion:

Working in a vibrant hostel environment dealing with a plethora of nationalities, studying in Sweden and the Netherlands, and taking a keen interest in Global Mobility for students has been a crash course in understanding and emphasising with various people, from worldwide backgrounds, disabilities and inclusive needs.

Demonstrated capacity to operate effectively across multi-disciplinary teams and adapt your approach to changes in environment or circumstances:

My less than linear career path to date is proof I am able to succeed in a varied and challenging set of environments. Within each role, whether as a retail assistant, Wellness Warrior and Global mobility officer, or student, being open to leading a group of people, or simply having to do the basic "dirty work" is vital to a team succeeding. I have been more than willing to take on any challenge needed and adapt to every single person or task handed to me, with diligence and care.